ATO calculators and tools

These tools and calculators have been curated from those supplied by the ATO, and the links below will take you to an ATO webpage. 

When using the tools and calculators, please read the ATO instructions carefully. The results of the ATO tools are based on the information you provide and should your circumstances or the law change, you will need to seek updated guidance. The results of the tools and calculators should be used as guidance only. For more information on the level of protection provided by the tools and calculators see here.

Business tools:

Benchmarks (small business)

Business industry code tool

Business viability tool


Capital gains tax:

Capital gains tax property exemption tool (also see GST property decision tool)

Capital gains tax record keeping tool (includes eligibility criteria and discount calculation)

Demergers calculator


Charities and not-for-profit:

Not-for-profit FBT Calculator

Endorsement review worksheet for income tax exempt charities

Worksheet 1: review of a DGR endorsed as a whole

Worksheet 2 DGR endorsed for the operation of a fund, authority or institution it owns or includes


Debt management:

Debt release tool

Credit for interest on early payments

Payment plan estimator


Depreciation and capital allowances tool

Division 7A calculator and decision tool


Employee/contractor decision tool

ESIC: Early stage investor tax offset decision tool

ESS: Employee share schemes calculator


FBT - car (to calculate the taxable value)

Not-for-profit FBT Calculator


Fuel tax:

Fuel tax credit eligibility tool
Fuel tax credit calculator



GST property decision tool
GST food and beverage search tool

GST food classification


Income tax calculators (also see PAYG calculators):

Gross pay calculator

Income tax calculator

Simple tax calculator


Lodgment - doneed to lodge a tax return?

Loss carry-back tool


Medicare levy, surcharge, and private health insurance calculators:

Income (adjusted taxable income) calculator

Medicare levy calculator

Private health insurance rebate calculator


Offset and rebate calculators:

Beneficiary tax offset and seniors and pensioner tax offset calculator

ESIC decision tool

Invalid and invalid carer tax offset

Low income superannuation tax offset calculator

Net medical expenses tax offset calculator

Private health insurance rebate calculator

Small business income tax offset calculator

Zone or overseas forces tax offset(see alsoZone list)


PAYG calculators:

Pay as You Go Instalments calculator

Pay as You Go Withholding calculator

Voluntary agreement calculator


Personal Services Income (PSI) decision tool

Personal living expenses review:

Personal living expenses comprehensive worksheet

Personal living expenses concise worksheet


Record keeping:

Capital gains tax record keeping tool

Record keeping evaluation



Residency – leaving Australia

Residency – arriving in Australia




Am I entitled to super

Report unpaid super contributions from my employer

Estimate my super

YourSuper comparison tool

Low income superannuation tax offset calculator

Super co-contribution calculator

Item A3 Government super contributions calculator



Superannuation guarantee eligibility decision tool

Superannuation guarantee contributions calculator

Superannuation guarantee charge statement and calculator tool


Superannuation funds:

Superannuation benefit component calculator

Superannuation crystallisation calculator

Undeducted purchase price calculator

Uninstall - Electronic superannuation audit tool– for SMSFs only


Superannuation income streams:

Defined benefit income cap tool

Undeducted purchase price calculator

Work related expenses:

Home office expenses calculator

Self-education expenses

Study and training loan repayment calculator

Work related car expenses


Other useful tools and calculators:

Credit for interest on early payments

Days calculator

Foreign income conversion calculator

Lodgment - do Ineed to lodge a tax return?

Loss carry-back tool

Personal Services Income (PSI) decision tool

Research and development tax incentive calculator

Scholarships – is it taxable?

Study and training loan repayment calculator

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