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This subscription takes away the burden of having to search for the relevant CPD events that will help elevate your expertise and keep your finger on the pulse.

And for our tax agent members, it’s the no-fuss pathway to fulfil the CPD requirements of the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB).

CPDpro bundles both structured and unstructured learning through a single subscription, with more than 40 hours of CPD available, for $450 only.(See below for reduced rates for registered tax agents).

 Offering  Type  Approx Hours/yr
 Structured CPD    
 Eleven Monthly Tax Update Webinar Recordings
 Four webinar recordings  (minimum 1 hour each)
 Structured 4.0
 Four Quarterly Superannuation Update Webinars Live & Recorded
 Structured 4.0
 The IFPA Wrap Podcasts (from 15-60 mins)
 Structured  10 
 Eleven Monthly Tax Update Notes  Unstructured 11.0
 Six Superannuation Update Notes  Unstructured 6.0 
 The Institute of Financial Professionals Australia Membership Publications  Unstructured 7.5 
 Total    53.5 


Become an Institute of Financial Professionals Australia and CPDpro Member and Pay $275

Become a member and a CPDpro voting member of our TPB registered tax agent association, TAI Practitioners & Advisers Ltd, and access this discounted subscription. 

Below are the requirements to be approved as a CPDpro voting member:

  • Current individual registration with the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB)
  • Agree to become a CPDpro voting member*
  • Agree to comply with CPE/CPD requirements

*As a voting member you will have the right to notice of meetings, to attend meetings, to access certain documents, to nominate certain roles and to not be oppressed. These rights are optional and not mandatory. At the same time, you will have the obligation to pay membership fees and follow the rules of the association.

A pre-requisite to join this discounted offering of CPDpro is membership.

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Questions People Ask

1. How many CPD/CPE hours does a tax practitioner need to maintain registration with the TPB?

From 1 July 2022 tax agents must complete at least 120 hours of continuing professional education (CPE), also known as continuing professional development (CPD), over a three-year period, and at least 20 hours in each year (90 hours over three-years and at least 20 hours in each year for BAS agents). Tax practitioners must complete CPE in order to maintain their registration. However, tax practitioners with certain conditions on their registration may need to meet other requirements.

2. How can tax practitioners achieve their CPD/CPE requirements?

The Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) has a system of self-assessment for CPE. That means tax practitioners must use their own judgement in choosing CPE activities. An education activity is considered to be a valid CPE activity if it is relevant to the services the tax practitioner provides and if it maintains, develops or promotes their skills, knowledge or attributes. Many of the services offered to The Institute of Financial Professionals Australia members count as CPE activities, including seminars, webinars, discussion groups and podcasts.

3. What CPD/CPE activities may be considered appropriate by the TPB policy?

  • seminars, workshops, webinars, courses and lectures
  • structured conferences and discussion groups (including by phone or video conference)
  • tertiary courses provided by universities, registered training organisations, other registered higher education institutions or other approved course providers
  • other education activities, provided by an appropriate organisation
  • research, writing and presentation by a registered tax (financial) adviser, tax or BAS agent of technical publications or structured training
  • peer review of research and writing submitted for publication or presentation in structured training
  • computer/internet-assisted courses, audiotape or videotape packages
  • attendance at structured in-house training on tax related subjects by persons or organisations with suitable qualifications and/or practical experience in the subject area covered
  • attendance at appropriate Australian Taxation Office seminars and presentations
  • relevant CPE activities provided by The Institute of Financial Professionals Australia or another recognised professional association.
  • a unit of study or other CPE activity on the Tax Agent Services Act 2009 (TASA) including the Code of Professional Conduct.



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